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Self-Destructo Candle, shines with your choice of natural or artificial light

Cyrus Farivar

Oh LEDs, is there anything you can't do? We've seen you in jellyfish, dot-matrix display, mood detector, Wii GiftCard, and connected with all sorts of other crazy hacks. However, we've never seen you combined with something as low-tech, as say, fire. Elsewheres, a Brooklyn-based online retailer of "independent art & design" is now selling a $40 LED candle, called the Self-Destructo Candle. Yep, it's a small votive candle with an LED bulb and a battery, so when you decide you don't want that artificial light anymore, you can flip it over to light the wick for a completely self-destructing natural light source. We're not sure how eco-friendly it is to cover small amounts of electronics with melted wax, basically making them unusable (and probably un-recyclable) -- but hey, it's a cute idea.

[Via Inhabitat]

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