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3Soft's Maxtombow GPS conglomerate headed for America

Darren Murph

It seemed to start with all-in-one PMP / gaming handhelds, and now the conglomerate craze is apparently bleeding over to the GPS realm. While we've already seen the Guide Dog, which claims to handle more multitasking that we can even fathom in a portable GPS unit, 3Soft's Maxtombow isn't too far behind. Packing a bit more credibility that the aforementioned PDC gizmo, this 7-inch in-car / handheld device reportedly packs a 720 x 480 resolution LCD, built-in TV tuner, SD expansion slot, AV outputs, an FM tuner, and of course, the obligatory turn-by-turn tour guide to keep you on track. It also claims to function as an MP3 / WMA player, JPEG viewer, and even handles XviD, AVI, WMV, and MPEG1/4 on the video front. Purportedly coming in 1GB or 2GB flavors, this bad boy comes pre-packaged with a car-mounting kit to please your passengers. Recently released FCC approval documents all but confirm the prospect of an American Maxtombow, but we've heard nothing on the subject of how quickly this thing will make the trip from Korea to America, nor how much coinage it'll demand when it lands.

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