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Bank in India offers Xbox 360 financing

Blake Snow

Steep Xbox 360 prices in Indian got you down? No worries, one bank is offering to finance Xbox 360 purchases in a country where the average national income is $18 less than the $518 cost of a 360 core. TechWeb reports: "India's ICICI bank says it will secure an Xbox 360 Core system for customers for an upfront payment of the rupee equivalent of about $20.00 and six monthly installments of about $73.00 ... the purchase of an Xbox 360 would for the typical resident represent a financial outlay that in the West would be the equivalent of buying a house."

So who in the right mind would finance a 360 over a house in India? Native Microsoft employees for one. They make on average $10,000 per year. Heck, Microsoft India will even deduct the purchase price from your check.

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