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Belkin and Microsoft make nice, settle U2 lawsuit

Darren Murph

No, we're not talking Apples and Apples here, nor does this have anything to do with Bono (nor the Edge, actually); rather, Belkin and Microsoft have finally made nice regarding Belkin's consistent use of Microsoft's "U2 technology," which allows keyboard and mice to detect what type of connection (USB or PS/2) is needed. While other accessory makers, namely Targus and Fellowes, have been paying Gates and Co. royalties for years to borrow said technology, Belkin has been resisting the pressure "for more than two years." Eventually the misalignment between companies came to blows, creating a lawsuit that suggested Belkin pay fees for using the detection technology in its third-party peripherals. The decision was settled when Belkin finally agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to the Redmond giant to continue using its patented U2 goodness, and both sides actually went so far as to say they were "pleased" with the outcome. C'mon folks, can't we just learn from this and all strive to get along?

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