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Roxio's DVDit Pro HD authors Blu-ray / DVD

Darren Murph

Now that Blu-ray burners are (finally) hitting PCs, and that uber-expensive media is (finally) available if you look hard enough, we're sure those folks shooting in drool-worthy 1080i / 1080p need an authoring program to finalize their work. While Roxio already released its Toast software with BD support, the firm has now thrown down a revamped version of DVDit Pro HD, built to author and output media to DVD or Blu-ray writeables. Boasting pre-constructed menus, features, and slideshows, the software can handle (and output) 720p, 1080i, and / or 1080p content. Of course, if you're not much on the cookie-cutter approach, Roxio provides the tools to build your own scenarios from scratch. So if you've already thrown down for a built-in Blu-ray burner, have stacks of BD-Rs waiting to be used, and have hours of HD content awaiting production, what's another $499.99 to get this application, right?

[Via DVGuru]

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