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Wiis sold out across the UK on day one

Cyrus Farivar

Wiimania has hit the United Kingdom in full force, with the console selling out on its first day of sales -- 50,000 units in 12 hours. However, many of the pre-orders could not be fulfilled as there were predictable shortages, with some opting to take refunds instead of waiting until January for subsequent shipments. Predictably, many of the Wiis ended up on eBay, and according to the BBC, have hit high closing bids of £500 (nearly $1000), compared to the retail price of £180 ($350). Still, as seen in Wii UK's YouTube vid (see continued) buyers seemed to be in high spirits at the Wii main launch event at the Oxford Street HMV retailer in London, where crowds were regaled as former English footballer Ian Wright (left) took on boxing champion Ricky Hatton (right) in a quick bout at Wii Boxing. (Wright was victorious, if you must know). Let's just hope that our British friends are a little more dignified when it comes to waiting for consumer electronics than we are.

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