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Xbox 360 not so popular in Japan, but dogs seem to like it just fine


So, the word on the street is that is that Blue Dragon -- Microsoft's desparate and 'spensive attempt at Japanese RPG cred which was released on Thursday -- has done pretty well for itself, but there's still no getting around the fact that in general the Xbox 360 hasn't exactly sold like gangbusters in Japan. However, the 360 has seen a much warmer welcome in the US and A, with its broad appeal apparently reaching all the way to our canine companions. At least that's what Ben Ackerman discovered when the Xbox 360 he sold on eBay got returned to him, after being half devoured by a dog. Apparently the UPS man dropped off the 360 on the recipient's back porch, home to a 360 fandog of sorts, which proceeded to tear apart the package and thoroughly enjoy its contents. The dog's owner was able to collect insurance from UPS for shipment, so the Xbox got kicked back to Ben, who thinks he can salvage the console with a new power brick and controller. More pics after the break.

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Amazingly, the Xbox itself emerged unscathed.

Not as much can be said for the power brick.

Condemned was a close second to CoD2 in popularity.

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