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Freeview HD trial a resounding success story

Darren Murph

It's no secret that Americans can't get enough of that HD goodness once its graced their eyes, and apparently the Brits feel the same way in their own homeland. Following a six month trial in London which broadcasted HD content over Freeview, surveys showed that a vast majority of individuals adored the service and are now chomping at the bit to get more. BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 all reported positive results, as a whopping 98-percent of the 450 partakers felt that "OTA HD service should be available now." Moreover, 90-percent of the trialists felt "the public broadcasters should be responsible for HD development," and desired to have "at least" seven HD channels available to them. Of course, there's always the critics, and a paltry five-percent of participants felt that the HD experience didn't exactly live up to their lofty expectations, but considering some broadcasters apparently compressed the feeds to squeeze more channels into their limited bandwidth, we can't exactly blame them.

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