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The XBLA glitch that stole Christmas?

Ken Weeks

Reader Mark says an Xbox Live Arcade glitch stole some of his bought and paid for XBLA games?:

Has anyone else had this issue?: Yesterday i turned on my 360 and and had some issues logging into live. After receiving an error message about live being temporarily down, I waited a little bit and was able to log in again. However, when i visited my arcade section, I noticed a bunch of games that i had purchased somehow reverted back to "demo" mode. WTF??!! out of thirty games i had purchased, 8 of them "magically" converted back into the free trial mode. anyone else experience this?

It looks like his games were erased and then replaced with trial versions via auto-download. Presumably, he was able to obtain the full versions again without a problem. Did anybody else see their XBLA games get Grinched??

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