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Denver is so close to finally getting OTA HDTV

Matt Burns

Denver residents are so close to ending a 8 year battle in the name of digital TV. President Bush has the power to sign legislation that would allow 600,000 Denver-its to receive widespreed OTA HD signals via a brand spanking new broadcast tower on Lookout Mountain. We have a feeling that some of you need a bit of background on this crazy battle over digital signals. Apparently, there is a small group of homeowners that simply adore the four broadcasting towers currently occupying a wooded foothill by Denver. So much so that they have held up the construction of a new tower that while, yes, it will be taller, will also consolidate four towers into one. By the way, these are the same type of people that are afraid of the 'harmful' RF waves that digital towers emit. (That kind of sums it up right there doesn't) But the truth of the matter is that this new tower will emit 75% less then the total output of all four of the current towers in place and freeing up 75 acres of open space that the hippie homeowners should love. This battle needs to end sometime soon since that 2009 legislation requiring broadcasters to serve up digital OTA signals is right around the corner but we have faith in President Bush -- he seems like a casual TV watching sort of guy.

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