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NonStop launches VOOM HD in Estonia

Darren Murph

Apparently even the HD companies believe it's truly better to give than to receive, as we've seen Poland, Spain, and the ole US of A receive new HD content in recent weeks. Next in line is, well, a little more of Europe, but it'll be "the first HD content" delivered to needy consumers in the Baltic region. NonStop Television has reportedly struck a deal with Estonian telecoms and IT provider Elion to make VOOM HD available on the firm's IPTV platform just a month after it launched in Scandinavia on Canal Digital. The company stated that Elion would be "the first HDTV provider in Estonia," but hopefully not the last. So for you folks stuck up in the northern sects of Europe, take heart, as a taste of HD is coming to cable and IPTV in your neck of the woods this February.

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