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Wii UK: 50,000 units sold in 12 hours


That's one purchased every second, says Nintendo. now reports that the UK saw 50,000 Wii consoles fly off shelves (and straight into televisions, shortly afterwards) 12 hours after it launched to massive crowds and immeasurable fanboy delight. David Yarnton of Nintendo says the company is "delighted with the amazing response to the Wii" and that gamers are "embracing the way that we are turning the industry on its head." The official launch event took place on Friday at the HMV store in London's Oxford street where, just hours prior to the Wii's release, the seething mass of people had to be sent home for a while so as to avoid unneccesary anarchy (in the UK).

There may be chaos yet, though, as Nintendo still has to face the challenge of overcoming crippling shortages and making sure everybody gets to flail their arms about this Christmas.

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