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Gamer short on cash? Buy a dated console.

Blake Snow

Maybe a few Joystiq readers find themselves in this situation: You like games but don't want to pay a lot of money to play them (oh, and you don't side with PC pirates, arrrrr). Here's a novel idea, buy a dated system with games that are new, or even old, to you. The San Francisco Chronicle suggests: "Just because you don't have $250 for a Nintendo Wii, $400 for an Xbox 360 or a suitcase full of cash for a PlayStation 3 on eBay, doesn't mean your loved ones can't be blowing stuff up and decapitating zombies into the New Year. While many of the newer video game platforms are ridiculously expensive and in short supply right now, you can find incredible bargains on the nostalgia gaming market."

Author Peter Hartlaub recommends going back at least three generations in most cases for the real nostalgic deal highlighting the affordable purchase of a N64, SNES, Atari 2600, or even discounted PC games. He also plugs the more recent cult classic of a Dreamcast. Though we really like the smell of a "new car," Hartlaub reminds us of the many great games from the past. So anyone getting their retro on this holiday season?

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