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Gaming may get embroiled in new scare

Justin Murray

The public loves its scares. Since the advent of gaming, our beloved hobby has been under attack. The scares normally revolve around violence and how gaming is the root cause. The newest scare that might get tagged to gaming: WiFi.

Currently, the scientific world is fighting over the health effects of WiFi. Some claim that WiFi destroys organ tissue -- didn't they try this with cell phones -- and another camp that says the first group is full of bunk. Since each major console, handheld and not-so-handheld, has some WiFi component, it is just a matter of time before gaming gets blamed.

Gamers, gear up for another possible scare: games cause cancer. It is not a matter of if, but when some "intelligent" person figures out that a large chunk of those evil WiFi waves are being pumped out by various DS, PSP, or Xbox 360 units. That's fine by us, we're already fully aware the public-at-large latches onto the worst possible (and frequently wrong) aspect of anything different, we're used to being under fire.

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