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    Kondo's KHR-1HV put through its paces, ain't no faker


    We'll spare you the excruciating detail: KHR-1HV + hip-swivel = good times. Whereas KHR-1HV's predecessors, the KHR-1 and KHR-2HV had plenty of robo-kit goodness going for them, the KHR-1HV really takes things to a whole new level, allowing for a much closer approximation to human walk, specifically that whole "turning" thing us Homo sapiens are so fond of. You'll also be glad to know that the KHR-1HV has a beefier battery, for extended circular jaunts, and the kit assembly is hardly complicated by the fancy new hip servos. The shoulder servos have been beefed up as well, allowing for a 270 degree range of motion compared to the former 180 degrees, but the new motors combined with that new battery pack do make the bot a bit top-heavy. Still, the 1HV is all-in-all a pretty good upgrade to the Kondo lineup, and while current owners of the KHR-1 or 2HV don't necessarily need to drop everything right now and buy one, we know they'll be jealous all the same. Make sure to peep the read link for some action vids.

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