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Nabaztag/tag enters the wild, our hearts


As of midnight in France -- 6PM EST -- the Nabaztag/tag went live, bringing with it RFID, a VoIP belly button and a whole lotta love. We're not quite sure yet if we're most excited to talk into this thing's belly button, allow it to sniff our various vegetables, or observe the RFID functionality at work -- a recent demo of the rabbit showed the Nabaztag/tag reading a children's book based on RFID encoded data. Violet, the creator of Nabaztag and its new successor, is also rolling out a software update that will affect all current Nabaztags, including personalised MP3 messaging and expanded newsfeeds. Sadly, we can't get the Violet site to load right this minute, so you might have to wait a bit for the server elves to do their thing before you can make this bunny yours.

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