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PS3 overtakes total Xbox 360 sales in Japan ... already

Blake Snow

According to MCV, Sony's PS3 has already overtaken total Xbox 360 sales in Japan, this despite the former's extreme launch shortages and being on sale for only one month. The Xbox 360 has sold fewer than 180,000 units over the last year, 10,000 less than the PS3. Both, however, have sold less than half of total Nintendo Wii units to date, 400,000 to be exact.

To put that into perspective, the Xbox 360 has sold less than 5% of its US total amounting to 3.8 million as of December 7, 2006. Granted, the Japanese public have never been keen on brand Xbox -- for whatever reason -- but it's looking like the 360 doesn't stand a chance (and maybe never did) in the world's second largest video game market.

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