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Sony says PS3 manufacturing problems all shored up


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We'll believe it when we see it. After suffering through what could very well be the most abysmal launch quantity of all time, Sony says that it has ironed out its manufacturing snags and is now back on track to have one million PS3s "in the pipeline" by the December 31, 2006. According to Sony's PR head, David Karraker: "We will continue to utilise airfreight delivery for PlayStation 3 to assure a steady stream of systems for North American consumers through the end of the year." One million units sure is a tall order, given the mere 197,000 boxes Sony managed to move in November, and we can't help but wonder if "pipeline" means "chugging through a factory" or "landing on shelves" by December 31st, but we suppose we'll know either way in a couple of weeks. Luckily for Sony, that certain console of theirs that wasn't bleeding ~$250 per sale for the company sold like gangbusters: 664,000 units, besting both the Wii and 360 in North America. FFXII FTW!

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