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Verizon debuts Motorola Q Black


We've still got our eyes on Sprint's Q-with-extra-sexy they've been prepping, but for now Verizon continues to bogart Moto's slim smartphone, and has just released the new medium-sexy Motorola Q Black as expected. The new Q bears the same $199 pricetag of its silver counterpart, but features a $50 rebate instead of the $100 rebate of its sibling, giving Black a $50 premium over its drab companion. Instead of the original's holster, the Black features a carrying case, and there's that "MOL2" update to enjoy, but otherwise there isn't much new to see here. The black coloring apparently isn't only skin deep, so scratches shouldn't reveal anything embarrassing, so that's good news. While you can snag this thing right now online, it won't be showing up in retail until January 12th, according do our tipsters last week. We should also be seeing that MOL2 software update, which irons out a few kinks and improves battery life, rolled out to those gen 1 Qs shortly.

[Via Qusers]

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