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Casting gets easier thanks to live HD videoconferencing

Darren Murph

While you've probably heard how Peter Jackson relied heavily on his trusty iPod to complete the production of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, it looks like casting work for the Halo film could take place from afar. Thanks to a "high-definition video communications technology" known as LifeSize -- which has apparently stepped up since its humble beginnings -- casting agents, producers, and directors alike can catch more than a glimpse of potential candidates from around the world without ever setting foot on their private jet. Gearing up to become a hot commodity around Hollywood sets, the LifeSize room features video panels to display the 1,280 x 720 resolution feeds, full-room audio coverage, a camera, wireless remote, and a sweet speakerphone to boot. The video and data are captured in real time and sent instantaneously through an IP address, so long as the bandwidth can handle the pressure. So if you're itching to become an extra in that forthcoming Spielberg flick, but don't exactly reside in LA or NYC, you just might be in luck.

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