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Joystiq on the Video Game Awards yellow carpet

Kevin Kelly

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Warning: video is NSFW

Joystiq attended Spike TV's 2006 Video Game Awards last week, and here's the video to prove it. We literally had to shove our way into our designated spot at the press line and jockey for position with other outlets like Hustler and The Greater Cuyahoga News-Press. Once we were set, we asked the hard-hitting questions that have been on gamers' minds for some time.

Some highlights:

  • Joe Rogan literally going insane on camera talking about virtual reality
  • Mark Ecko talking about Britney Spears' underwear allergy
  • Samuel L. Jackson not popping us in the face
One word of warning, the video isn't safe for work by a long shot. Joe Rogan uses some very colorful language near the end that has to be seen to be believed ... then again, maybe not. It is Joe Rogan after all. The 2006 Video Game Awards air tonight on Spike TV. Tune in if you want to see Sam Jackson drop some F-bombs, Stewie Griffin insult Sam, and Sarah Silverman insult every gamer in the world. The best thing about it is the Burning Crusade opening cinematic that premieres during the show. That and the skits about the motion-capture guy. Nothing is funnier than jokes about balls, right?

Alternatively, you could also go back and start beating Gears of War on insane. The night is yours!

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