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Korea's SeRoPi service bot features fancy arms


While Asimo works on figuring out that whole walking thing, the rest of the bots have to pick up the slack with slightly more useful endeavors. Enter the SeRoPi (Service Robot Platform Initiative), an in-progress bot being built by researchers at Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. The bot eschews legs for some functional wheels, which can zip SeRoPi around the lab at 4.5mph. Nothing too fancy there, but where SeRoPi excels is his elaborate arms, with which he can bend down and pick crap off the ground, before setting it down right where he's told. Doesn't sound incredibly exciting, but SeRoPi does it with style, so we've gotta give him points for that. He can also recognize objects with his dual cameras, and use both of his arms in conjunction for elaborate cheerleader moves or enhanced manipulation of objects. Sounds like with a bit more AI, the SeRoPi could be quite the helpful bot around the home or office. But we're sure that's exactly what he wants us to believe.

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