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Obsidian named as Aliens RPG dev


It was announced earlier this week that SEGA had acquired the rights to develop several games in the Aliens franchise. IGN reports that the Obsidian -- developers of Neverwinter Nights II -- has been chosen to develop an Aliens RPG(!). Okay, let's just put this out there. If you like it you can keep it, if you don't then just send it right back: we want an Aliens RPG. The creatures in the Aliens movies have always been frightening sure, but any depth behind them -- if there is any -- has been left completely unexplored. We're just going to hope out loud that Obsidian will expand the alien culture and not just give us some slobbering beasts to kill. Give us KOTOR set in the Aliens universe, and our chests will burst with orgasmic delight.

Of course, we all know what the Game Over screen will be like.

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