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Skype releases 2.2 beta, compatible with hordes of WinMo phones

Darren Murph

While the journey of using Skype on a mobile has been adventurous, troublesome, and not entirely fulfilling, the latest version doesn't quite promise Symbian support, but it does play nice with a lot of Windows Mobile-powered smartphones. While it wasn't too long ago that Skype's CEO gave us all a tad of worry, it seems the firm is keeping cellie users on the brain after all, as the beta flavor of v2.2 reportedly "works on 120 different Windows Mobile devices." New features in the upgrade include an enhanced home screen with "presence status and notification of events such as missed calls and voicemails," and support for HTTPS, HTTPS/SSL, and SOCKS5 connections. So while Skype hasn't quite got the whole mobile spectrum covered just yet, at least it's workin' on it, so point your WinMo device to Skype's homepage for a tasty software upgrade, cool?

[Via Geekzone]

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