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Wil Shipley reveals Delicious Library 2 details

David Chartier

Wil Shipley - founder of Delicious Monster, co-founder of The Omni Group with Ken Case and Tim Wood and perhaps one of the most vocal Mac developers - has revealed some details of Delicious Library 2, a much-anticipated follow up to an app that claims a healthy selection of awards (just check the bottom of the product site). In an interview with Jacqui Cheng of Infinite Loop, Mr. Shipley waxes about his companies, charity, MacHeist controversy and - more specifically to this post - what we can expect in Delicious Library 2, and when.

New in DL2 will be support for "MUCH, MUCH larger" collections (thanks to what I assume will be the use of Apple's CoreData), smart shelves, a much updated and "snazzier, snappier" UI to align itself with Apple's iApps, lots of tiny updates to sprinkle joy in various places, as well as a couple of features he's keeping up his sleeve. As far as when DL2 ships, Wil gets somewhat suspicious with his answer: "Our aim is to ship the day Leopard ships, as we will be Leopard-only. We don't actually know when that is, which adds an extra element of excitement to this release." Hmm... he know DL2 will be Leopard-only, but he doesn't know when the Big Cat ships? I admittedly don't have much more to go on here, but something about that seems fishy. Apple's statement on Leopard, as far as we know, is still 'Spring 2007,' so we'll just have to see what happens at Macworld in January.

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