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BenQ reveals its 2007 lineup of gaming LCDs


With all those new HD consoles, HD teevee shows and HD video players vying for a shot at your HDMI cable, 2007 is looking to be quite the year for display manufacturers. BenQ is getting an early jump on the gamer-core market, showing off its new 2007 LCD lineup in December. Apparently BenQ is providing displays for the CPL 2006 Championship Finals in Dallas, where they'll get to show off 2ms response times with the FP93GX, the 19-inch predecessor to this new gaming lineup. Sizes range from the 24-inch FP241WZ and FP241VW (shown above), which both sport 1920 x 1200 pixels, down to the 22-inch FP222WH, with 1680 x 1050 action, and the eensy FP94VW, with 19-inches of real estate and a 1440 x 900 resolution. The two 24-inchers sport 1000:1 contrast ratios and 500 nits of brightness, while the smaller displays slum it with 700:1 ratios and 300 nits. Price-wise, these things aren't exactly steals: the FP241VW and FP241WZ hit $1499 and $1299 respectively, while the FP222WH will run you $549, followed by the FP94VW's $299 tag. Some of the best news is connectivity options, since beyond that HDMI port with HDCP, all four displays feature VGA and DVI plugs, and the 24-inchers include S-video, composite and component inputs as well. No exact word on availability, but the CPL Finals run from December 16-20, so we expect the displays to drop sometime around then. More pics after the break.




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