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Philips reveals VP6500, VP6000 WiFi VoIP handsets with video

Cyrus Farivar

Get ready folks, there's two new Philips WiFi video VoIP handsets comin' down the pike. We just caught wind of this white hotness on the FCC site, and they do look mighty swanky. The VP 6500 and VP 6000 are similar in many ways, as they sport a 2.2-inch screen with 65,000 colors and a QCIF+ 176 x 220 display, and a rotating 240-degree VGA cam. From what we can tell, the VP 6500 also comes with a TV out mode, letting you connect your handset to a TV via a component cable (although we don't know how good of a picture quality you'll get when viewed on your sexy new flat-screen display). Further, your calls should go through those common encryption protocols WEP, WAP and WPA2 without a problem. One possible downside of this: if you thought that folks talking on their handsets in public was annoying, wait until they start making faces at their phones in public.

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