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Sony's newest motion sensing patent

Justin Murray

Sony's world hasn't been getting rained on by sunshine as of late. It would appear that everything they've done over the past year has ended in one form of disaster or another. However, it would seem that Sony is going to get a bit of good news.

According to patent #0060282873, Sony has apparently one-upped the now familiar Wii remote. Combining LED lights and what appears to be the EyeToy, Sony has created a control mechanism that appears to allow not just for full-range controller motion, but also allows the player's body movements to add to the input. Not only that, it would appear that the entire mechanism is different enough to avoid a serious legal challenge by Nintendo -- LED travels the other direction -- and Interlink Electronics -- their contraption doesn't use a camera.

Sony is certainly jumping all over the whole motion control craze, having filed two different methods previously. By cornering the motion sensing market, it would appear Sony is performing a preemptive strike for the PS4 generation; this would put pressure on Microsoft to come up with a new way of handling motion sensitivity and almost forcing Nintendo to keep the Wiimote as-is.

[Via Engadget]

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