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"Summn plz": the joy of being a warlock


Everyone thinks it's so easy to be a warlock these days. Sure, we have dots that will kill you long after we ourselves have died to your teammates. Sure, we can have a pet that is essentially a small warrior attack you while we sip Foster's in the shade. Or we can ... we can ... I'm not exactly sure what the Destruction 41-point talent is because no one uses it. Some kind of AOE? Whatever. Anyway, the point is that life as a warlock has its annoyances. Take this conversation my level 51 lock, repairing her armor in Undercity, had with a level 16 warrior in Thunder Bluff today.

Warrior: can you please summon me to undercity?

Me (figuring the guy at least said please): Sorry, I don't have a group right now.

Warrior: how hard can it be to find a group in UC :P

Me (thinking I'm not going to find a group to summon this guy without payment): How much are you going to pay me?

Warrior: 0.00

Me: So basically, you want me to use my own soul shard and my own time to find a group so I can summon your lazy behind?

Warrior: um ... yeah

Me: Hell no. Walk.

The average warlock has this conversation many, many times before hitting 60, and an interminable number of times thereafter. In a raid, you have to summon stragglers, dispense healthstones, soulstone important people and make sure you have Curse of Elements up or your mages will eat you alive. Speaking of mages, they also have it rough when it comes to being bugged -- they have to portal people places and create food and water for the whole raid!

Warlocks, mages, how do you deal with the annoyance of random tells for "summons" or "wtr plz" when you're chilling in Ironforge?

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