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A new anti-gamer tactic?

Justin Murray

Folks who don't like the concept of video games are frequently willing to go to lengths to get the medium silenced. They're willing to knowingly pass unconstitutional laws -- to the expense of taxpayers -- and frequently call upon studies that employed questionable methods. Now, we may be seeing a new tactic.

Recently, hackers have attacked three online gaming sites that are geared toward casual gamers. The site pages were replaced with the FBI's Anti-Piracy Warning label, making people think that the sites had violated some law. The FBI stated their surprise about how authentic the whole setup looked.

The specific targeting of gaming sites does raise a questionable eyebrow. People vehemently opposed to an idea/medium/etc. frequently go to great lengths to destroy it (think the anti-Rock and Roll movement). The Internet Crime Complaint Center thinks this trend will move to other sites, but we shouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be a group of angry anti-gaming activists willing to take the law into their own hands.

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