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Japanese hardware sales, 4 Dec - 10 Dec: dearly departed edition


It's all fun and games until someone has all their limbs mangled and dies a horrible death. Oh, perhaps you were expecting a different ending to that familiar phrase? Toughies. We hate to break it to you but life is full of surprises and the worst one comes at the end. We've all seen the grievious bodily harm done by the Nintendo Wii and yet, most of us fail to comprehend the gravity of the situation. This is serious business.

In a laughable attempt to be witty, many writers have resorted to calling these injuries (often caused by Wiimotes rapidly hurtling through the air), "wiinjuries." Cute, but oh so oblivious to the pain that is reality. In the real world, people die. And you know what? There's no funny way to put "Wii" into "fatality." It's time to clamp down on this mockery and remember those that have been lost to the most dangerous console in existence. Remember ... after the break.

- DS Lite: 309,630 132,729 (75.03%)
- Wii: 85,439 264,919 (75.61%)
- PS3: 50,171 18,735 (59.6%)
- Xbox 360: 35,343 31,290 (772.02%)
- PS2: 30,460 7,345 (31.78%)
- PSP: 28,930 5,013 (20.96%)
- GBA SP: 1,896324 (20.61%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,555 303 (24.20%)
- Gamecube: 569 252 (30.69%)
- DS Phat: 167 27 (19.29%)
- GBA: 17 5 (22.73%)
- Xbox: 6 5 (45.45%)

[Source: Media Create]

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