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Japanese hardware sales, 4 December - 10 December: Terminator edition

Jason Wishnov

Listen to me. I've been sent from the future, sent to warn you about the impending destruction of the human race. There were so many, we just couldn't ... we were overwhelmed within weeks. Humans now live in scattered clusters, fearful of the raids, desperately clinging to life. We need to stop it. They're gaining power.

Surely, you've seen the signs. They're infecting homes, complacent, waiting for their chance to strike. Soon, their numbers will be unstoppable, and you're allowing, nay, helping their cause. Every week they grow stronger! They added what will be their strongest general, Dragon Quest, to their arsenal quite recently. Yes, surely you see it now: within two months, the DS Lites will become sentient. They'll launch a attack on the Pentagon and all major military bases in the continental United States, removing our defensive capabilities. From then on, it'll be inevitable ... Judgement Day.

From their seat of power in Akihabara, Japan (the new capital of Nitro, their self-proclaimed worldwide empire), they will launch wave after wave of attack on the remaining humans. We're led by the one man who might rally us from defeat ... Reggie, of course. He sent me here, to prevent it, but now I see that it's already too late. February 13th is the day, gentlemen. May Iwata have mercy on your pathetic souls.

- DS Lite: 309,630 132,729 (75.03%)
- Wii: 85,439 264,919 (75.61%)
- PS3: 50,171 18,735 (59.6%)
- Xbox 360: 35,343 31,290 (772.02%)
- PS2: 30,460 7,345 (31.78%)
- PSP: 28,930 5,013 (20.96%)
- GBA SP: 1,896324 (20.61%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,555 303 (24.20%)
- Gamecube: 569 252 (30.69%)
- DS Phat: 167 27 (19.29%)
- GBA: 17 5 (22.73%)
- Xbox: 6 5 (45.45%)

[Source: Media Create]

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