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Mac OS X hacked to run on UMPC, tablet fans rejoice

David Chartier

For those who don't obsessively refresh Engadget, UMPC stands for 'Ultra-Mobile PC' - an emerging hardware form factor for a device smaller and more mobile than a notebook, but nowhere near pocketable (by any stretch of the imagination) like a PDA or iPod. For now it's definitely a niche device (most don't even have built-in keyboards), but that didn't stop Engadget from finding 'Igor', who managed to get a hacked version of Mac OS X 10.4.7 installed on an Asus R2H UMPC. Play the video above for a demo of this home-grown Mac OS X tablet, complete with Safari, iChat and iTunes action, with support for the Apple Remote to boot.

Come on Apple! If DIYers can whip this together at home, where's my Mac OS X Tablet mini?

Update:Removed incorrect video. Thanks to all who pointed that out.

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