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Nintendo replacing 3.2 million wrist straps


Nintendo is biting the bullet and replacing 3.2 million Wiimote straps with thicker, stronger straps, in an effort to put a stop to TV damage and gamer injuries alike. The original straps, which were 0.6 millimeter (0.024 inch) diameter, are being upgraded to a thicker 1 millimeter (0.04 inch) strap.

In order to acquire your new strap, you'll want to fill out Nintendo's replacement form and send it off right away, which will result in a new, beefier strap arriving in your mail box. Personally, we felt the original straps were more than adequate, however in light of all the reported injuries and damage to property, we're not surprised by Nintendo's recall.

[Via Joystiq; thanks to all that sent this in!]

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