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OpenSky 2.0 anime-inspired flying machine


While the pic above may slightly exaggerate the OpenSky 2.0 project's currently flying capabilities, the craft itself appears to be quite legit, with a complete but earthbound model of the contraption now on display at an NTT ICC exhibition in Japan. Those able to check out the exhibit will apparently still be able to get a taste of the craft's potential flying abilities, however, with a full-fledged flight simulator set up to let you take it for a spin (check it out after the break) -- which, given the seeming likelihood of a catastrophic crash, is probably the only way we'd fly it. Hayao Miyazaki fans will no doubt be quick to spot the inspiration for the craft's design, although we don't remember the ones in Nausicaa being pulled by ropes.

[Via Akihabara News]

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