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PS3 outsells the HD DVD add-on 5 to 1

Ben Drawbaugh

Initial sales numbers are in and it appears that the PS3 has outsold the HD DVD add on by 5 to 1. Of course this doesn't mean that everyone who bought a PS3 will use it as a Blu-ray player and we don't think many will be surprised by this. The PS3 has sold every unit ship at 197,000 units, compared to the HD DVD add on drive at 42,000 units. We're not sure how many HD DVD add ons were shipped but at least a few online retailers have them in stock. Although this is interesting, the relevance to the outcome of the format war is in question. Obviously most people bought a PS3 to play games and everyone bought the add on to watch movies. The real question is why Sony and Microsoft went different directions. While Microsoft doesn't offer the Xbox360 with an internal HD DVD drive Sony doesn't offer a PS3 without Blu-ray. Why both Sony and Microsoft don't offer the next generation movie formats as a premium option for their players is beyond us. If they did then these numbers would have more significance, but regardless the BDA will be bragging to the content creators that they have sold more "Blu-ray players" than HD DVD, but of course that will only work for so long if all those PS3 owners don't buy any movies.


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