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Wii Freeloader is en route

Jason Wishnov

After a bunch of Perrin Kaplan flip-flopping and general mass hysteria, it turned out that the Wii would in fact be region-specific after all. Importing games that the world has deemed too insane for the American public is one of our greatest joys in this world, and lo, Nintendo cut us down without mercy. But in this rare tale of Nintendo playing the role of evil, a shining knight gallops toward us with an interesting coat of arms adorning yon shield ... it's Datel, Advanced Gaming Technology™! Yes!

Apparently, Datel has announced plans to bring a Wii version of their popular Freeloader boot disc, allowing a gamer to essentially ignore any and all region-locks. Though the updatable nature of the Wii theoretically might allow Nintendo to block this product in the future, we'd imagine that even evil has unexpected bouts of lenience.

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