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Xbox Live Marketplace vs HD DVD comparison

Ben Drawbaugh

Jake Ludington has written up a comparison between the Xbox Life Marketplace and HD DVD. Because of the limited titles available at the Marketplace, the only title available for both is V for Vendetta. He wasn't able to see the difference between the two so he captured both to his PC at 720p and compared them. Although this is less than ideal, the results are still interesting. The only real difference he noticed was in the blacks, while HD DVD was able to display true blacks, the Marketplace version was not. There is no doubt that the Marketplace videos look great, but we are most disappointed that he didn't mention the difference in the sound. HD DVD obviously excels in this area since it isn't limited to Dolby Digital. A three way comparison between the Marketplace the HD DVD add-on and the stand alone HD DVD player would be even more interesting.

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