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Is EB/Gamestop hoarding the PS3-love?

Nick Doerr

I did my weekly "can Nick find a PS3 in Athens?" search yesterday. The result is the same as always: no. Not just no, but no employees/managers seem to know when the next shipment is coming in. Perhaps whilst in Atlanta next few weeks, we'll find me some sexy console to waste my time on. Anywho, with that recent failure in my mind, we've got a tipster who spotted some "familiar" boxes -- the 2-quantity, PS3-sized shipping boxes to be exact.

Assumption? Yeah. Angry? You bet, 'specially since the one in Athens "sold out this morning"... a common response mechanism this blogger used to use at his old job at OfficeMax. Especially if he didn't want to seek out a gigantic desk in the back... they're heavy! What were we saying? Oh. Boxes. So, this may mean nothing and the boxes may include nothing but two new robotic employee's per box, but it's worth giving your local store a call this weekend to see if another shipment popped in.

[tanx brunches, WheelSee!]

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