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Jump Festa: Final Fantasy on display


1UP gets mad props for getting footage from Japan's Jump Festa, where the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War are on display. A trailer showcasing the game's beautiful new cutscenes is on display, and can be seen after the cut.

Crisis Core's demo is available for attendees to play, and it seems like FF fans need not worry about the game's quality: "Combat in Crisis Core takes place in pseudo-real-time, not unlike Final Fantasy XII, though there's only one playable character (FFVII fan favorite Zack), and the action is a lot more active. During battle you find yourself constantly mashing the attack button to pull off combos or backstab enemies for extra damage, but you can dodge and defend as well, and you can use the L and R buttons to cycle through your items and magic attacks... With the stunning visuals and interesting battle system we saw today, it seems to be headed in the right direction."

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