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Radiient offers up 4-port HDMI switch / hub

Darren Murph

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While we've taught you how to craft your own component video switch (not to mention your own cables), there will (probably) come a time in your 1080p-needing life where that sole HDMI port on the rear of your television just won't cut it. Enter Radiient's HDMI Switch Select-4, a 4-port HDMI hub that doesn't deviate too far from the other alternatives already out there, but cuts out the audio ports altogether while adding in an RS-232 control port. Also, this device features a bevy of colorful LEDs, sure to enthrall some users who want to control things with the lights out while enraging others who like things pitch black when catching a flick. Nevertheless, the Select-4 supports HDCP, DVI (via adapters), and all your standard HD resolutions right up to 1080p. Notably, this sucker doesn't seem to support the recently-unveiled 1.3 spec, which means you'll miss out on some of the extra niceties on that shiny PlayStation 3. Still, Radiiant apparently feels its HDMI switcher is worth its weight in gold, as this bad boy will run you a whopping ¥69,300 ($592).

Update: These things have a $299 US asking price (at least as of right now). Thanks Jacobim.

[Via Akihabara News]

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