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Swag or No Swag: Day 1


::cue dramatic music::
It's time for Swag or No Swag, the uber-exciting PSP Fanboy giveaway. From now until Christmas Day, we'll be offering one random commenter the chance to win a random prize from our swag-box. The prizes range from an obscure anime UMD, to some video games, all the way up to a Neuros Recorder 2 Plus, a $140 value!

The catch? There's only 8 boxes with prizes. Two of them have absolutely nothing! For your chance to win some of my hard-earned swag, all you have to do is comment on this thread. We'll choose a random commenter to play this devious game. One entry per person per day, please. Oh, and US residents only (sorry!).

Today's giveaway is closed! Please visit PSP Fanboy for your chance to play Day 2!

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