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2AM: The Wii/PS3 lines form and spots are for sale


In front of stores all across the country the lines are forming for today's down-to-the-wire purchases of Wii and PS3 for the holiday. Rumor had it that many stores were holding on to their shipments from last week to begin selling tomorrow morning to coincide with the Sunday flyer advertisements -- an archaic concept for sure, but that was the rumor.

We stopped by the Dedham, MA Best Buy this evening to see what was going on. Although there was no confirmation of any PS3s on premises, they did have a printout with a confirmed count of 24 Wiis. At 1AM there were only 14 people waiting outside, however three of them were willing to sell their spots. Alicia, Morgan and Norman are ready to give up their spot for $75. Alicia says, "As college students you're going to be doing stupid stuff anyway, at least this way we'll be making money off of it."

On the other hand we met Joe who was waiting outside in the 31 degree (-1 C) weather because of the Wii's good buzz, he says, "I'm gonna be completely honest, I didn't want the Wii, but my friend got one at launch and he can't stop talking about it. So, I figure, for $250 -- why not?" Joe already purchased Zelda, now he just needs the system to play it on.

You reading Joystiq out there in the cold on your mobile device? Planning to go out? Let us know! Good luck campers!

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