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AOL Cheshire beta client for Mac


From the earliest origins of AOL -- which briefly existed as "AppleLink Personal Edition" way back in the late 1980s -- the Mac has been a full-parity player on the service. Nowadays, you may notice that the AOL Mac client is getting a little bit long in the tooth (last updated November 2005) compared with the Windows version.

Enter the AOL Greenhouse beta farm with Cheshire, a stripped-down and modernized 'lean client' version of the AOL software that integrates with iLife, Safari, iChat and It appears to be the next take on the existing AOL Service Assistant setup tool, and includes standalone Parental Controls, AOL Pictures and AOL Radio tools. Cheshire, while still in early beta, is a Universal Binary, while the OS X full client is still PPC only.

The download appears to work best with Safari at the moment, and be careful when installing; Cheshire will probably try to reset your associations for the http and mailto handlers. Let us know how it works for you.

[via Versiontracker]

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