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Swag or No Swag: Day 2


Swag or No Swag returns! Every day until Christmas, we'll be giving away one lucky reader the chance to win some of my hard-earned swag. There are 8 prizes in 10 boxes, so you'll have to be careful which package you choose! Some of the prizes include: the critically acclaimed Lumines II, the return of Sonic in Sonic Rivals, and even a Neuros Recorder 2 Plus, a $140 value!

For your chance to win some of my hard-earned swag, all you have to do is comment on this thread with the number of the box you want. We'll choose a random commenter to receive the prize. Winners must provide a valid e-mail and reply to the e-mail in the time allocated, or your prize will be forfeit and given to someone else. One entry per person per day, please. Oh, and US residents only (sorry!).

Today's Winner: Zach S. from PA
Box 5 contained Perfect Blue on UMD. This psychological thriller anime launched Satoshi Kon's career (best known for Paranoia Agent). The story of an actress that finds herself stalked by a truly menacing stalker. Zach, congrats! Your brain will melt as you decipher the cryptic story, and experience brain-shattering Dolby Headphone tech.

Today's winner has been chosen! Visit PSP Fanboy again today at 6PM for another chance to win.

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