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EBayer reselling free GameFAQs guides [update 1]

Kyle Orland

Via the SomethingAwful forums comes the story of a GameFAQs guide writer who found digital copies of his Kingdom Hearts guides being resold on by a third party eBay seller without permission. The seller, who also sells guides for dozens of other games, claims to hold the copyright for the guides, which are apparently exact duplicates of the GameFAQs versions, only with the true author's information removed.

The seller has reportedly brushed off requests by the author to stop selling the guide, leading many SA forum-goers to recommend legal action. We couldn't agree more -- this guy deserves to pay for profiting off of the work of others -- but we can't help but be impressed by his ability to fool gullible buyers into spending almost $10 for the type of digital guide that is freely available online. Caveat emptor!

[Update: Fixed typo.]

[Thanks Sanchez]

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