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iPod bling


Swarovski. It's a brand of precision cut crystal glass that refracts light in a rainbow spectrum. If you hunt around, you can find Swarovski-encrusted iPods for sale, perfect for stocking stuffers. You can pick up a 2GB Nano for a mere $999. 4GB? $1049. A bargain, as Laurie pointed out a couple of years ago--but oh so worth revisiting as Christmas draws near!

I'm sure there is someone out there in the world who looked at iPods and said to themselves, "I know. What this iPod needs is more Swarovski." I'm sure that person is absolutely fabulous. Maybe a fashionista. But I'm not sure I'd like to meet that person in a dark alley when I'm wearing sensible clothes.

I'm also pretty sure that there are people out there whose eyes will bleed having to look at these over embellished iPods. My guess? Every time someone uses one of these iPods, a rainbow dies.

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