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O2 Xda Apollo strikes some poses

Chris Ziegler

O2's Xda Apollo, the Trinity-alike Pocket PC packing UMTS 1900, rocked its way through our very own FCC a few weeks back; now, Thai site MrPalm has managed to lay hands on a unit as it preps for an early '07 launch on O2's Asian networks. Say what you will about the handset's visual appearance -- we've seen a million Pocket PCs in this form factor, and we're fully prepared to see another million -- but the real draw here is going to be the 3G radio (which, it bears mentioning again, does UMTS 1900) and the full gigabyte of ROM on board. Click on for the full host of visual stimulation, but reader beware: unless you're hanging out in... say, Singapore, these pictures are as close to the Xda Apollo as you'll likely ever get.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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