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Rock-Ola updates jukeboxes, adds hard drives and iPod support

Cyrus Farivar

If there's anything that improves just about any party, it's a jukebox. We're not talking about those wannabe media players that call themselves jukeboxes -- we're talking the bona fide curvaceous red-blooded American ones. Well, grab your quarters, because Rock-Ola -- one of the classic makers of such fine hardware -- has now brought its esteemed design into the modern age, calling it the "Nostalgic Music Center." The NMC is decked out with a 160GB hard drive for storing MP3s, a 15-inch screen, 360 watts of juice, a USB port, and will even cross-fade your tunes over its five speakers to get the party started. What about if you've already have a mess of tunes on your iPod, and you don't want to transfer 'em all? No problem: Rock-Ola's got you covered there too with its "iPod Series Jukebox," an update to the popular Bubbler model that comes with an iPod dock right next to the screen. We're not sure how much you'll have to pay for such heavy hardware, but they'll be on display at CES 2007 -- we hope to suss out the details then (and maybe rock out for a few minutes as well).

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