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Sports fans evolve their watching style


iTunes. It may look like music. It may sound like music. But it's the new way that many sports fans are watching their favorite games. A video iPod is never going to match a plasma TV with surround sound and a really comfortable easy chair but a lot of sports watchers are turning to iTunes to download games in a more portable format. "This is all about more and more choices," said Eddy Cue, vice president of Apple's iTunes in an online report from WKRN Nashville."Watching a game live on a 50-inch plasma TV is a tough thing to beat. But when you're not in that position, having other choices is going to be something that people want."

The article points out that iTunes offers collectors edition video packages that can't be found anywhere else. "To take advantage of the hype surrounding this year's Michigan-Ohio State game, iTunes put together a collector's edition type of package. For $5.99, customers got the full-length 1973, 1997 and 2002 games, as well as commercials touting the rivalry. After Ohio State beat Michigan, they got this year's matchup."

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